strom noir : maľovanie dúhy by strom noir http://ift.tt/Jfs4LI

Excellent drone. Highly recommended!

Thanks to Warren Ellis for bringing this to my attention.


Hiss Tracts “halo getters” / Shortwave Nights Film by Karl Lemieux … Composed and performed David Bryant and Kevin Doria. ‘Shortwave Nights’, the debut album from Hiss Tracts will be released by Constellation 13 May 2014 http://
cstrecords.com/cst104 HISS TRACTS - halo getters Constellation Records

Brand new sound: Film score cue to an imagined film. Sort of like an introduction, setting up the mood, picking up pace.

Inspired by Cliff Martinez and Boards of Canada.



David Bowie - Warszawa

Obligatory listening for anyone curious. Among Bowie’s best works.

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No words….

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